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June 9, 2023

My Style lyrics

Okay ima brag about smoking pall mall, cheap lighter blow the smoke higher, broke ass motherfucker on the mic, but it's alright, cuz i spit tight, i wear same Jean and hoodie everyday cuz why i got spend when i got money to save, you don't take it to ur grave, you go alone all the way, no time to waste cheap phone hauwei p30 why I need a iphone to spit so dirty, a lot millionaires but they can't save the poor, what the money then for? Siting bumping kanye, let the time fade away, life ain't easy when you got no pay, okay man I'm feeling grateful, i got a roof over my head, all i really need is some food and comfy bed, i say thank you, thank you to God that I'm still
Alive, man I'm blessed to survive

They don't know my style
They don't know that I'm laughing like a child

They say money can buy happiness well maby that's true look at me and you we at the same human beings, we got red blood, we got haircuts, we breath the same air, we both don't care


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