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June 9, 2023

Blessed On The Mic lyrics

Aye yo my name is JS nice to meet ya, how ya been, I've been dope when i smile I grin, i got ink on my mind with the rhymes i spit, i got some hard bars with mad flows, achieving goals, with that old school style, that's wild, it's outta ya league, i seek to be a better MC, even when times gets critical, i inspire myself, with the lines i write, the mans back with the plan, yeah I'm back on my grind, i hope this time I'll find the right track, I'm boutta collect cheese, no sweet, i spit cold that's why i never leave my bed, you've never seen a young rapper like me, my ability make my dreams a possibility, I'ma set my mind to it, anything can happen, no relaxing, cause I'm blessed at rapping, i pray to the God that I'll make it top

Cause I'm blessed on the mic that's right
Cause I'm blessed on the mic that's right
Cause I'm blessed on the mic that's right
Cause I'm blessed on the mic

You hatin on me cause you a failure never succeeded in life now you wanna kill my pride, success is my obsession, rap is my addiction, I'm on a checkpoint cause I'm on a mission to get some recognition, I'm my own idol, I'm also my own rival, these rhymes is homicidal, made for survival blessed like the Bible, cause i flow like the nyl

I'm dedicated to make it, elevated, haters jealous, cause I'ma hit like tennis you know this life is too precious, that's why I'ma leave em' breathless, leave them shock, this a bomb like Iraq, make a spark, produce stacks with hot raps, i got more bars than a rehab facility, there will never be another like me, I'm made to get dough, cause I'm fly like a UFO

I kill raps like a mac, then i bury the track six feet
Underneath the blue sea, i create a new world, with my thoughts, thinkin fame is a walk across the street, it's made from concrete once i get a walk on man my life will be complete, you need some creativity, to make your dreams a reality, nobody can defeat you except you're own mind, it takes one action to make you're dreams arrive

JSTHEKXDD – Blessed On The Mic

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