Jourdan Brothern – MGS (Murda Gang Shit)
Genre Rap

MGS (Murda Gang Shit)

Verse 1

Oh shit 12 here?
I'm bouta do the same thing that I did last year
Ran out that back door, yeah lil' nigga I'm out here
7 Fucking Benjamin's, that's how much for a feature
You say you gonna beat me, well lil' nigga I just beat you
I see murder right up in my eyes
I see this lil' bitch nigga, if he play, then he gon' die
Shot him in the head, now he dead, I shot in his eye
Now I got 12 asking questions, man they asking why
Niggas on that opp shit, niggas on that talk shit
Niggas on that cop shit, but they won't go walk shit
Watch when I pull up on that nigga, he ain't gon talk shit
I really pull up on niggas, nigga I don't block shit
He fuck with that lil' nigga Top
I can fuck a thot
Pull up on his block, with another fucking Glock, yeah
This ain't Playboi Carti, he gon' hide it in his sock
But when I pull up on that nigga, that lil' nigga yelling stop
Someone tell this rat to get my fucking name out his fucking mouth
How you Mickey Mouse and goofy?
Go back in that clubhouse
All you lil' internet niggas do is chase clout
He act street when he get on the net
He don't know what that's about
I can shoot this .50 round at your fucking town
I just bought a Bussdown, turn him into dust now
Came up like a broke nigga, now I got bucks now
A young nigga like me staying real tough now


Murder gang shit, murder gang shit
Murder gang shit, murder gang shit
Young nigga, boss nigga getting rich
Murder gang shit, murder gang shit


Oh you got a stash?
I don't see no cash
You think that you good, all you do is talk fast
Incredibles nigga, I'm gon do this fucking dash
Talking on my name, this gon' be your first time and last

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