Josseyreign – Moribund
Genre Chill, DarK Pop, Pop


Am i living or am i dead?

It all started Slowly
Abandoned by the Angels
Now the demons know me
Wanting to end it all
No one for me to call
His image was distorted
People know me but i never got to be supported
I cried and tried, to always kill myself
I never lied about being Alone at night
All i had was my mind and might
Always thinking if I was wrong or right
I'm Alone, I'm Alone
Save my Soul X2

I'm Paranoid
My Time running out like I'm a Broken Toy
Could've walked the path of being violent
But i chose to always stay silent
Slit my wrists with a dull blade
I won't forget it cos the scars will never fade
I'm trapped in all the fantasies
That you made

Thoughts on my mind, Aimless
I Shoulder all the pain and the burdens, weightless
I don't belong in crowds, i'm a misfit
If i have offended, judge me as you see fit

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