Joshua Raw – Blowing Steam
Genre Rap

Blowing Steam


Okay, all I do is talk
I'm just out here blowing steam
It's like the food too hot
I'd rather keep the peace than keep the
Unless I'm shootin' cops
Don't ask me if the words are true or not
I ain't using props
Alright, I might be using props
It's foil for the girls
Now, that ain't real but, yeah they do the job

Sick of n*
These heels were made for stepping on your feelings
If you break my heart

Might hurt when glancing
My jack my collar dancing
These bigger than your sister's granny's mansion
She said I'm handsome
Most want to pay my ransom
Okay, this shit her anthem
I keep 'em
She can't hear me
Think shе way too focused on the loud
I'm just tryna surf
Not like Hawaii, but a crowd, uh

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