Jordana, TV Girl – Lo on the Hi-Way
Genre Pop

Lo on the Hi-Way

My lover left at 8 at night, the dark was heavier than life
Set the scene, but could’ve sworn that I was fine
You left the window wide open, lying places I can't stand
Put my foot down, but you kept the upper hand

Going fast until it breaks
You left me and weak and in a daze
Feeling lo on the hi-way

Cut me open, steal my clothes
Told me yes, god only knows
Couldn't come, but that just how the way life goes
Give me the boot, now I can’t hear
Give me gifts, then to turn to steel
I made sure that, ?????, now I can’t ????

Felt like seconds but they were hours
A fallen rose is just a flower
Hand on my hip it's just a waist
Felt so right, i can’t erase

Feeling lo on the hi-way
[I’m] feeling lo on the hi-way
I'm feeling lo on the hi-way
I’m feeling lo on the hi-way

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