Too Attached Johnnascus

Too Attached lyrics

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December 19, 2022

Too Attached lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah uh ay
I found this beat on YouTube just typed in like Travis Scott type beat

[Verse 2]
Ay Ay Ay Ay
There's this new girl that I have met
I think I've become to emotionally attached
Ay Ay Ay
When I see her with another guy
Anger and sadness leak out the dispatched
I don't know if its a sign that my higher cells have sent me
Or if it's something that will detriment me
She spent 4 nights in everything
Nice, Beautiful, Vibrant, Ginger hair cute little freckles on her face everywhere
She's an amazing drawer and painter
No type of challenge could restrain her
She says that she likes my art too
Which gave me a boost
To creatively push through
But she's kinda hard
So I'm just talking nonsense
Knowing that it makes my hate for love more immense
But it's not her fault its not mine
I guess the universe just doesn't want us to line
But I wanna be alined
We get along so well and have so much in common
I think about her all the time while eating ramen, ramen
[Verse 3]
Yeah uh, Who gives a fuck about the shit I think and care, None, Nobody
It doesn't matter because in the end she has a boyfriend
Why, Why, Why
Maybe I'm just being a social regret
I dont even know anymore I'll just leave society
Where nobody cares about me
Go its my inner core (core)

[Verse 4]
You're just being over dramatic
The energy between me and her is fucking V E G A S S T A T I C
She dont even care about me
I asked her what's wrong one time
And she said nothing
When she obviously showed me signs of drowning

[Verse 5]
I could tell by how she looked
Not by empathy
I can't really feel for humans
I feel like most have resented me
So I'll just distance myself from her
So when she thinks of me
All she'll see is a blur
And my heart shock is an imbalance
I need to heal this show this energy and talent
We were never really meant to be
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