Joey + Rory – It's Christmas Time

It's Christmas Time

It's Christmas time again this year
Can't believe it's already here
Ain't bought a single thing, o dear
I'm so far behind
I like to get my shopping done before
The lines get long in all the stores
I'll spend more than we can afford
But hey it's Christmas time

It's Christmas time again you see
Lets go pick out the perfect tree
Is it leaning left or is it just me
Ah, honey looks just fine
We'll hang the tinsel, string the lights
These ornaments will take all night
It's a lot of work but that's alright
It's Christmas time

We'll eat too much and then we'll swear again
That come New Year, we're gettin in
The best shape that we've ever been
But we know we're lying
So pass the pie and one more roll
And pass me that remote control
Ah, lookey' here, I love this show
It's Christmas time

It's Christmas time, who's at the door
I'm sure there's room for 7 more
We'll make some pallets on the floor
That'll be just fine
The turkeys done, pull up a chair
Grab a hand, let's say a prayer
For all those soldiers over there
You know it's Christmas time

We'll wrap the gifts in green and red
You kids get back up in your bed
For Santa won't come in his sled
He'll just fly right by
Then we'll wake up in an hour or two
To mommy look, this ones for you
Oh I love it hun, I really do
It's Christmas time

It's Christmas time again, you know
It hit me just an hour ago
It ain't about mistletoe
Lets keep that in mind
It's about the star that led the way
The baby child born that day
It's because of him, we all say
It's Christmas time

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