Jish – Relapsing
Genre Rap


Feat. 527 Records

I've been working hard everyday, taxing
Hitting a new PB it's like I'm maxing
But the time keeps ticking it's elapsing
When reality hits me hard it's just like waxing
I've been wishing I was young, I'm relapsing
Cause back then in the streets we'd be dancing
With our friends it's the jokes we'd be cracking
But now we just enacting, the others, there's no passion

Right, I know this seems so harsh
But the worlds just looking to squash
That little innocence left into a slosh
Turn those dreams to a corpse, I know I'm spitting bars
Check it, yeah I said check it once again
With that phone in your hands no you ain't zen
I can't remember but I wanna go back when
I could just walk up to someone and ask them would you be my friend
People been looking for the easy way in
All they know how to do is just pretend
That they've been working hard like real men
But in reality you go out and see they shoot up tren

Twitter fingers they be talking tough
They like feathers, I said baby I just caught your bluff
With your family I know that you ain't talk enough
And all of this just kinda seems wrong, yeah life is getting rough
Yeah, all my friends been puffing fumes
First it was the weed and now they thinking shrooms
We all done graduated, no cap but from the zoom
Now I'm passing on the torch to Yung Sidy, it's late June

I was in my feels, yeah I was in my feels
Ain't a nice guy, no I really do it
Trying to play it right with you, I can't even go through it
Step up to my side, yeah it got a kick to it
I don't even drive, yeah I let the Benz do it
Know you wasting all my time think about you
Know whatever that I said I was about to
And when the music always come in I ain't listening
So when you coming back cause I already miss you
Nike's on my feet we run it up just like a track line
He ran up on my cousin, take him down we playin bag pipes
You know it get dark, light them up just like a flashlight
Know she ambidextrous [left, right] hit the back side
Know she hit the backside
Fuck it up, the east side
I live on the seaside
She just want her feet tied
Ah, send them all down, let me clear up the whole westside
I know they scared of me but I might give them the best life

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