Jish – One Life
Genre Rap

One Life

It's so funny, it's so funny to me
How no one listened, yeah no one listened to me
But now I'm coming, you know I'm coming to change
Not what they think of me, but what I think of me
It's been a while I've been waiting to put this out
My best kept secret the words flood out my mouth
I'd been scared and what people would think about
When they listen to my music would they love it or doubt

It's the doubt in my mind that gets me worried
The feelings of dread in my head come in a hurry
I had a vision but now my sight is blurry
It don't matter to me, cause the drive is still there for me
Anyone there for me, Yeah no one answered
Is there a beat for me, yes dyoni answered
I've been inside of my head, it's time to answer
Cause the people have been waiting for this, I brought the answer
Catching flights and not the feelings has been a motto
Cause my childhood, seeing new places like no tomorrow
Like my family said, you go where I go
Got no time to make the friends in the cities that I would call home
Everyday I still just think about it
How I don't go do all the things that I've been dreaming bout and
How I might take a step and do what I've been speaking bout like
I'm handing CDs out now, I call this living now

Hey, go out there, do what you love
Cause all we get is one life
I'm out

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