Jish – Buss It
Genre Rap

Buss It

Buss it, buss it

Buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it

I said please, way you been stripping it down it's a tease
On your knees, you been showing me birds and the bees
Fur Elise, keeping it classic and flow it with ease
Listen to Drake and Lil Baby who talking about wants and my needs
Come on Baby bust it down
Talking in summer dresses not the gowns
All this water on me drown
First one to get it popping and I'm brown
Show me just how
I'll get that crown
I'll wear that robe clean, walk through the town
Uh yeah
The proof in the liquor like eighty
Show me that thang, the way you been dropping it, slowing it down going crazy
Throwing it up like I'm Brady, now I'm in Paris like Jay Z
Then I'll go West to rest, the best to come, hopping on it wavy
I want first
I don't want second just look at this verse
She want a purse
All the baddest bitches are a nurse
Love is a curse
If you don't shut up put you in a hearse
Might even blow up, I'm talking bout burst
Don't even think bout the words I am terse
Buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it

I reel it in
Flipping the money no track its just jumbling
I call on him
Baby watch out cause u know I bring jumbo in
These 100 bands counting all day added up a few million
Few billion Elon look out mama I just caught up to him
I don't snoop in no pouch
I pop her cherry there's some blood on my couch
She screaming ouch
Just said can you trust me on this baby crouch
I need me a bitch who's better than a juicer
Your girls is so thirsty I might just seduce her
That dick in the pussy call me an intruder
I call up your mama I think she's a cougar

Yeah she a cougar
I barely knew her
And I still do her
Kill it like Kruger, uh
I be like Google you more like Bing
You stay below like a God to a king
She calling me Michael I'm making her sing
It's a knockout when I get in the ring
Fuck on me, look at me
Do it so big they under me
Suck on me, touch on me
Can't replicate there's one of me

Hop on I just buss it
Do it like its nothin
Head banging concussion
Fuck sick I'm disgusting

Jumbo, Jish
And we just fucking yo bitch, uh yeah
Talking that shit, uh
Leaving your ass in a ditch, uh

Getting that Guap so plenty
You ain't getting a penny
Eyes crossed off that Remy
Butcher you niggas like Benny

Just now warming up like it's the gym
Bow down to me cause they know I be him
King of my city y'all niggas be peasants
Come for the crown it's not gonna be pleasant
Give her the pipe she move like a pigeon
She telling me "jumbo completed the mission"
You niggas so pussy you made me a father
When it comes to this shit ain't nobody be harder
Listen sonny hear a boss talking your ass better hush
Reason why you coughing cause your ass is eating up my dust
Only put the tip in and this girl already go and cuss
But lemme pull out from this song cause a nigga bout to bust

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