Genre Rap


Verse 1Jimmy MC

Everything was always fake, it was just a false reality
Time to ruin my proficy, possibly, probably
My mind says it so I know it's true
Why would I even listen to you?
I'm so done, I'm so screwed
I'm done with this, I'm done with you

ChorusJimmy MC

I just feel trapped
Everything ain't under attack
But I think it is, now I cannot win
I cannot win
My mind says so I know it is
I know it is

TransitionJimmy MC

My boy Zeam boutta hop on the track
You know he feels trapped and he is about to rap

Verse 3Zeam

Verse 4Jimmy MC

Every-every-every single flow
Yeah you-yeah you-yeah you know
Don't know if I'm actually trapped, it might just be my mind
But you know I'm outta-outta-outta time

Verse 5Zeam

Verse 6BOB That MASTER

I'm at the bottom, trapped, I can't get out
I'm freaking dang old trapped, please just let me out
I want to get out of this dang old freaking prison
I'm freaking dang old trapped, I just want to get out

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