Jimmy MC – Lose
Genre Rap


Lose lyrics

Verse 1Jimmy MC

All we do is lose, yeah, that's just what he do
And we see what comes through
We don't care about winning, we don't care about your fees
We care about sinning, that's what we do, yeah
We always lose, I open the noor
Oh no you ain't screwed
I can't do nothing, I can't hurt you [Yeah
Nothing to do, has nothing to lose
I got nothing to do, I got nothing to lose
I can't do nothing
I'm just weak I can't do nothing I cry and weep
But that's okay, that's alright
I just gotta get through this simple night
Everythings fine, I'm okay
I know that someday I will find the way
I won't be a winner though, I'll always lose
And if you were me, you would lose too

ChorusJimmy MC

Yeah I always lose
And you know I can't get it through
I always lose and your gonna lose too
Because you know that I am a simple dude
And I can't do this anymore
Just please, just take the door

Verse 2UMB

Uh, I have my weapon and nothing to lose
by the day, bitches choose
So you lose yourself or make em' lose it
Good riddance, go and tickle that bitch
People look at how I got snoose, lose
Nigga died, over shoes
Don't be suprised if you lose
So cool by the bitch
Got no shoes, no car key and I mean that partly
When I'm gonna lose it, won't rap battle
Uh, hey wait you lose
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Fine too, who presented like shoes
You say you got school to lose
But many men was issues when you tried to lead me
You see it isn't any issues
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

Verse 3BOB That MASTER

It's okay to lose in battle
You have to face it and read it
Have to learn from your mistakes
You get better every day
Got be better, can't take the loss man
I been on time and I lost some kids man
You don't even even under fricking stand
You gotta face that dang old challenge every day man

Never regret it and you'll be the better
Don't take that loss kids, uh
You don't wanna sound like a dang old loser

OutroJimmy MC

Ayy, ayy, you know we gotta lose and you know we can't do it too
We got nothing to lose, we got nothing to lose
And now I'm just screwed, now I am done, yeah I had never won
Cause I'm so done, yeah I'm so done
Nothing to lose yeah I am screwed, yeah I am done
Yeah, I am done with this too

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