Jimmy MC – Goose
Genre Rap


Goose lyrics

I ain’t a duck I am a goose I walk into the room you know you’re screwed
I’m different from the rest
I’m not normal time to confess
Who I am
Who I be
Well hello I’m jimmy mc
And I’m the goose of this city
And say hi to this man IGGY

I’m done with mc
I’m done yeah help me please
The Judahs are better
I’m a see this letter

You can say the fame
The gain
The game
Is changing me
I’m not the same why can’t you see
I’m not really Jimmy mc

I’m a goose
Oh yeah I screwed
This man Stеphen
He a duck too
But I ain’t no duck
I am a goose
I am bеtter
I am zeus

Ima ima goose
Ima ima ima Zeus
Im different
Different then the rest
Now it’s time to put this to the test

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