Jimmy Donn – The Letter
Genre Rap

The Letter

The Letter lyrics

[Dear Mom and Dad] Dear Mom and Dad, [Dear Mom and Dad
I write you this letter so you could understand [hello] [understand
I was pushed too far to ever come back again [to ever come back again
Every day for me was too much to take [too much to take
These people are fake and theres too much at stake [too much at stake
They took my pride, my joy, my right to happiness [happiness
They kicked me to the ground and left me with emptiness [emptiness
A feeling that was painted in my mind every day [everyday
Silently, I would pray, but they just wouldn't go away [please God] [dear God
And sorry, but by the time you have a chance to read this [read this
It will all be over the news,
And they'll be putting you down, saying how bad you raised me [why did you do it?
And for you to not know what was going on, you must be crazy [you must be crazy
But I love you, and you did everything you could to raise me [I love you
In your prayers, could you tell Jesus I understood why he didn't save me? [save me
And I want you to know I might not have done this if I was older [older
And when they ask you why I did it, just tell them the game is over [the game is over
Love, your son, Jimmy [Jimmy] [I did it
[The game is over
[The game is over]

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