You can't stop the way i run
You can't stop the crazy bunch
I as walk the way you run making me the one
Trying to have fun, I'm lying if it's enough, tying
Up my cuts, lying in the bus as i take another punch
Fake as lovers touch
Pray i way i love to run
Saying things that make you stunned

[Main Course
Spaying like a gun, Spraying onto to some
Spraying as we saying hold up the gun, we
Don't want some, 2x ]

Don't live life so awesome
Won't say it twice it's a lost one
As i'm cage like a possum
Behaved until it cost them
Enslaved like i'm rotten
Afraid of the monsters
Same as the fosters
Stained like a saucer
Proclaimed the time i could be better
No mind is made for better wither we severed our clever selfs
Depressing as our wealth with our inner health, that's the reason
Why it's spelt 2 letters related to hell, as i can tell he prevails, i'd kill 7 heads but 1 tail, revenants on me like zombies for sell

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