JFreakTheSizzleGod – Brain Prod кайдãн (Official )

Brain Prod кайдãн (Official )

Brain full of shit
Shameful of my wits
Same tole while night sits
Fuck a bitch
Fuck a hoe
Fuck a rich
Fuck a loan
While my throat fills with smoke
Pile the quote upon my stove
Live life like it's told
Shits tight pistol hold
Wrist cut up right like a mistletoe

Glide with my ride, was we vibe in the stride of my mind, bitch
Glide with my ride as we vibe in the stride tide that lies in my mind
Find what lies in mind i try to find stuff to collide as i cry and die
Realize what i tried behind the time i revived my demise to the crimes
I left behind finalized as to find

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