Paradise Jevon B

Paradise lyrics

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June 11, 2021

Paradise lyrics

(Verse 1)

Had to spend my last dollar on myself, (woo)
Had to pull up in the rain
Hoping that I don't drain
Gotta get another bag up my wealth
Everything I’m building up to the top
I just built with my heart
Everything i said was real
And if I manifested it you know what the deal
I told her what it was
I told her from the jump
And now she wanna run away feeling no love
But she know that
Im just, a real nigga trynna provide
And girl I want you by my side
Why you not by my side?
I'm only living for the night
Think I'm in paradise
Want you right by my side
Can’t stop squeezing your thighs
I wanna let you know my souls here
Took a couple weeks but now I got my mind clear
Im still grinding every night want 100 Mills
While i got them they toes
Put you in some heels, yeah

Let her know when she's on fire
Might only get one time gotta get it right
I was rolling back and forth like every night
I done made a lot moves did I make em right?
I done scarified my all I done paid the price
But my money stacking tall reaching different heights
On a different type of high you gon need a flight
I be treated VIP even in the sky

(Verse 2)

I want a bad bitch
Her body cursive
You better a show nigga that you really worth it
But baby girl I can tell you really worth it
Cause when I'm all up in that pussy
I be surfing
Tight like a virgin
Head game she learning
She so determined
To put that work in
She wanna ball hog
Don't wanna fall off
I gave her everything except the wedding ring, Nahhh
Now take me back to paradise
Where I really start to feel alive
Getting high up in the summer time
Too bad you ain't by my side
Jevon B – Paradise

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