Jens – With all the love in the world, me
Genre Pop

With all the love in the world, me

To conclude
We both knew there was nothing else left for us to do
That night, while waiting on your call
I told myself that I'd let my destiny have it all
And there it was

It took two tries
Sitting in silence, waiting on a ''yes'' or ''no''
But there was only one way it could go
It was after all the relief
Though, that doesn't seem like the right word for it
That we'd reminisce about the last years
Both knowing all too well that this would be the last phone call
We would ever have
Never wanting to hang up
Holding on to the other line

From the very beginning, like how I wrote in the book
I gave you on our second anniversary
Blissfully unaware that my hopes for a third would be lost forever

There would be no more picnics
No more late night calls
No more going out
No more date nights
No more singing together
No more dancing together
You know how it was in the first month or so

But, our time's been running out
It's late in the AM
And my phone's almost out of battery

You know, it's okay
I'll miss you
But I'll wish you the best
For the rest of my life
Be happy
You truly deserve it
Thank you for everything
You know you meant, and still do mean the world to me
Words won't be able to express it all
But I'm sure you know
Every part
Take care out there
With all the love in the world, me

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