Jens – More
Genre Pop


Verse 1

I'm done of keeping up with time
It's making me lose my mind
It's making sure I'm staying
In all the wrong of places
Wish to show you what I was
Everyone is saying
"Boy, you're gonna make it"
It's either that or loss of interest
I'd prove a point or lose my spirit
Written down you would think I know

Before chorus

But I don't
And you won't ease my soul
Just let my heart air out
I just hope
That I'll know
If I'm not all, I would still be yours


You make me wish I was more
Oh, I wish I was more
Can this let me be more?
You're not missing me more

Verse 2

Slow down
Give me time to reflect
I'm lost in retrospect
I'm losing track of owning
Evеrything I have become
And staying truе to what I want
You've been acting higher power
It's making me lose hours
It's gonna make me fail you
I'm saying what I got to
You're gonna make me forget my home

Before chorus

But I'll know
If I go, I would never see what's been here
So, I hope I'll grow
So you know
I gave my all so I would still be more


You make me wish I was more
Oh, I wish I was more
This won't let me be more
Maybe you make me more
Oh, no no

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