Jens – Found
Genre Pop


Verse 1

It’s been a while since I’ve been here now
I’m glad you’re mine and I’ll be yours
Just as long as you will let me
But baby, you know me
I really don’t wanna think right now
Just let me live in the moment
I’ve been waiting for this for so long
Let me hold on
Show off

Chorus 1

And I’ll be there
I’m done with holding down
Spent so long alone breaking out
Been a lot of places, but I’m here now
I will hold you close not shining out
Hold out

Verse 2

And we won’t know where we go
Just close your eyes, we’ll take it slow
We know that we’ll bе alright
Don’t think time
It’s alright
And though the hour strikes somеtime
And the tides are closing in
Then I don’t want my mind to fake
The words that take
All of this away

Chorus 2

And I’ll be there
I’m tired of breaking down
Spent too long alone wasted out
Been too many places, but I’d say I’m found
I have found my place there’s no losing now


But I hope that I’ll be all you wanted
I need love to prove
I need you

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