Jedstarrr – The Throne
Genre Hip Hop, Rap

The Throne

Our Father who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name
You know it ain't good though

When I just spazz I could never go back
Liberated my track so I'm fine to go fast
Everybody gets mad when a nigga go black
But you made me that way
So don't give a reaction
God need a give me a map son
Tryna be fly off of pacsun
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Tryna get a little sensation
Everybody's anxious
Cause they don't ever get validation
Feeling isolated in a room
And they assume they good
I don't know what to do
I don't know how to move
From this beginning point of jail
To the freedom we pursue

I'm so anti
I'm so I'm so anti
Devil when we he hit my phone
I put that bitch on standby
Tryna play this game of chess
I keep my queen on birds eye
Playing with your faith
Critique your message
I'm a landslide
I won this battle long before you started
I'm that jedi
Hit you with that spirit bomb
No turbulence I land fine
Playing for your soul
I know that shit don't come off grand
I don't know what's the remedy
Speak to the better me
You ever find him and tell him I better be golden
In article Mortis [at the moment of death
Caelitus Mihi Vires [my strength is from heaven]

Our Father who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name
Bad people making bad decisions


When I was 16 I came in the scene
Thinking I was the greatest of course
Playing dumb with the pop
Tryna make it through the day
Safe in my corps
Playing for the lotto waiting on dough
Releasing all my soldiers
Losing to the system and


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