JBoat The Rapper – FrostWire
Genre Rap



Mtn dew [aye] you know what im gonna do
Gonna go to the convenient store and get some mountain dew
LiveWire [aye] cause it is my desire [aye
Couldn’t find any at Walmart so I shop at meijers [aye]

Verse 1

If i applied for a job yeah i’d hope i’d get hired
I wanna do it well i do not want to get fired
But I wanna have energy i don’t wanna be tired
Maybe that’s just the way that my mind is wired

So you know, that i’m gonna, get some code red [aye
The Caffeine, makes it harder for me to go to bed
You know the caffeine is gonna rush up to the head
Going to sleep tonight is something that i’m gonna dread, so

You know what gonna do, gonna drink some white out [aye
Gonna drink cause you know that i’m havin’ a night out
Wait for it to get dark, yeah I don't want it to be light out
Gonna have a good time, ‘cause you know that’s what i am all about

And don’t forget that summer time Baja Blast [aye
When i see it on the shelf i get excited real fast
I know i could almost say, that’s it is unsurpassed
But it sucks that cans and bottles of it don’t really last, aye
Aye, I got some major melon, That Gas stations be sellin’
Flavored like watermelon
It’s something that i really like, to drink and and savor
It’s so good that you should have to sign a waver

I-I-I’m a, food craver [aye] mustache shaver [aye
I don’t have any money and i'm not gonna ask for a favor [aye
This bitch stole mtn dew, but fuck it i forgave her [aye
Ima just get myself another one a little later [aye]

Like maybe 7 pm, at night
I get a Mountain dew and i get a, sprite
Have it with me to drink while i get a, bite
There’s a place i can go to in my sight, aye


Mtn dew [aye] you know what im gonna do
Gonna go to the convenient store and get some mountain dew
Frostbite [aye] It is a delight [aye
When im drinkin it i know that it will be a good night, alright

Verse 2

I might go to the convenient store it’s right here to the right
I might get a little more energy for tonight
Maybe i might try something new and it’s pretty alright
Try a new flavor it’s really strong it’s got a bite


It’s got a bite, aye
It’s got a bite, aye
Im gonna get some mtn dew tonight, aye
Tonight, aye
Yeah you what it is like, aye

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