JAZZ HANDS – Human Error
Genre Pop


Feat. Pablo Resnik

Verse 1William

Aye, yuh yuh
On the run so I stay fleet footed
Seen my enemies the other day and I wish peace to em
Brodie seen me he got them jazz hands
He read anything that he can find beside some sheet music
Man I finally found solace just in being human
Top the tulips, thoughts elusive, speech constantly muted
Tryna rebuild myself
Put the books back on the shelf
Bad vibes I repel, making music is my belt

Verse 2wilson

These abstractions in my life I try to give em meaning
You gon’ come back like the sadness when I’m switching seasons
I don’t gotta live for nothing, I just wanna live another day
Don’t be surprised when I’m gone flee the other way
Always indecisive so I heed the words my brothers say
I offered help but, okay
He said go away, don’t stay, don’t stay
Rain rain, I’m over today
Change changes your outlook on things
Watch him roam, maybe he doesn’t a mom to go home too in the first place
On a walk like it’s first base, go out and play
No doubt the pros outweigh the cons in this case

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