JaySlightt – Lately
Genre Rap



Here it is with another one

Verse 1

Why this been happening to me
Quarantine always here
Corona virus outbreak
Oh my gosh what am i gon to do
Latley i've been feeling some type of way
This virus got me so messed up

Verse 2

Why is this happening to me
I just wanna go see my friends
Lately this been happening for while what am i gonning to do
I'm just so mad
I'm just so sad
What am i gon to do bout this
I just wanna go ahead i see my friends
Hoppiley this will go away sometime
I'm hoping hoping this will happen

Verse 3

Lately Lately this been happening
For a for a long time why is this happening
Cannot be so cool
I just feel like i'm not cool
Lately i been feeling so mad bout this
Lately corona virus had me so messеd up
I wish i wish i could go back to where i wanna go
Latеly i've been feeling some type of way about this virus i hate it

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