JayEss – The Legacy
Genre Rap

The Legacy

The Legacy lyrics

VERSE 1: This is for all Christians, the preachers, the pastors, the teachers / the sheep and evangelists, apostles and leaders / we stand firm in our faith, we're given the ways of Jesus / and yet the world hates us for no apparent reason / but still we’ve been called, to preach the gospel to all / nations, making disciples of men, big and small / we have ASSURANCE trusting in the Savior / but will we go if He tells us to go preach in Saudi Arabia / you trust Him for some Audi and some gators, they're creps / He'll carry you through your struggles, those footprints are His steps / when it’s looking so intense, He'll remind you that nothing can prevail against His Church, not even hell's gates / so why do we continue to deny Him when times are hard and turn our back on our God for a smalls / but He brings us to repent, we say we'll rep Him to the end / but will you die for the Christ, that's the price of the call /

VERSE 2: As I flow, lemme know if you'll stand for His name / would you run, would you duck or take a slug to the brain / would you reason with reason when your season ain't come / would you look into the eyes of that man with a gun / would you quote that Scripture that to die is to gain [Philippians 1:21] / while the gun is pointing at you, tell him pull all the same / would you die for the Christ, cause He died just for you / cuts and bruised to the scalp, are you moved / by His passion to give just so that you can live / forever in His kingdom, He stamped out our sin / and our sin's been extinct, we’re distinct from the rest / our walk is intense, cause we war with the flesh / but isn’t it a shame many proclaim they're in love / with Jesus the Savior who came from above / but denounce Him and live, will you cry when you fall / would you die for the Christ, that’s the price of the call /

VERSE 3: Even John, Jesus' disciple was boiled in hot oil all because he never denounced his Lord, under pressure for real / no disciple ever stepped off course in fact one was split in two by a horse and left a horrible corpse of course / Romans fed Christians to lions who speak the truth .. far from liars, persecution can fry us / but I'll never deny Him, what stick me up with an iron / gun buck or shank me I won't budge / you can scrutinize me up in my town, confronted Peter said crucify me UPSIDE DOWN / and they did cause he died, cause he lived for a cause / he was rooted in the Messiah who was Lord over all / so fast forward to so-called 21st century saints / who are quick to leave the Christian faith and turn atheist denying the very Christ they proclaim / cause a family member felt real ill then ended up in a grave / so don’t let your train be derailed from the faith / will you stand in the face of your enemies that say / denounce Him and live, will you shout to the Lord / would you die for the Christ, that's the price of the call /

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