Jay Saad – These Days
Genre Hip Hop, R&B

These Days


I don't feel no pain no more
I don't even feel the same no more


These days
I don't feel no pain no more, said I don't even feel the same no more
I swear to god these days
I been gettin to the bands some more, said I'm just chillin goin brazy with the gang some more
These days
I don't really wanna talk about it
I can't even go and walk without it
They keep telling me to grow up I'm childish
But I don't really wanna grow up without shit


Walk back, tell lil shawty call back
You can tell em that you wit it but we know it's all cap
Why you talkin all that, we ain't here to fall back
I just pulled up in a benz and you know it's all black
You can bring all your friends tell your girl to call back
I'm just tryna get them M's I ain't into all that
You can tell I'm going in, 40 in the benz
I just want a drop cop coupe, ride wit the gang

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