Jarren Benton – Walmart Yodel Rap
Genre Rap

Walmart Yodel Rap

Walmart Yodel Rap lyrics

Intro by Kato On The Track

Well here we are, ya'll asked for it
We’re in a random Walmart in the middle of Atlanta
And uh.., we're about to do this Yodel remix video
With the God, Jarren Benton
Lets go..

Verse by Jarren Benton

Fuck the police they kill witness'in blacks
Mr Benton bitch the menace is back
Your bitch suck my dick while I sit in a ’Lac
I flex on 'em I just bought a crib in Iraq
No time for the fuck shit to get on the grind
I gotta get mine I gotta sick mind
I be popp'in more shit than Tekashi-69
That's why I roll through the A with six nines
The groupies they all love the Gucci cologne
Wanna come to my home, let me cut like Michonne
She say she know every word to my song
She gonna rap every verse with my dick in her palm
Quap on me looks like I robbed a bank
Big guns that look like the tops of tanks
I pull out them niggas just stop and faint
No filter that be look like Shabba Ranks
Physco semantic, let anyone have it
Knife in your head you look like 21 Savage
I might lace a bitch up with 24 karats
Not gold but that shit they be feed'in on rabbits
She say she think'in these niggas ain't breath'in
I knock off your top, leave a fuck nigga leak’in
It’s murder season baby stay in your region
They tell me to stay woke, I'm like who the fuck’s sleep'in?
Nuts hang you think they 20ft long
Always bet on myself, word to Emory Jones
These fuck niggas softer than memory foam
I'm gonna wet up your block 'til my enemies gone

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