Jared Saltiel – The Fountain
Genre Pop

The Fountain

As my feet touch on the golden sand
The tides that brought me here recede again
And when the mist has cleared I take it in
The island

Climbing ever higher in the dunes
I see the glint of the silver lagoon
And in the half-light of the waning moon
The fountain

Look into the water
She will be your lover
But I am still your Queen
Never abandon me

Waking in the golden light of dawn
The sea is still, the silver pool is gone
And undеr crystal skies, I gaze upon
The highlands

Out bеyond the rolling hills of green
I’ll find that face of beauty that I’ve seen
I’ll climb until I reach the snowy peak
Of the mountain

Lady in the water Look into the water
You will be my lover She will be your lover
You will be my Queen But I will be your Queen…
That you may temper me

Though you may be a dream
Never abandon me
And I will treasure thee
Never abandon me
And I will treasure thee

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