Jared Saltiel – Something I'm Not
Genre Pop

Something I'm Not

I tried to be something I’m not
And I only ended up breaking your heart
I’m not an angel, but I’m not a bad man
And you cannot see that you asked too much of me
I tried to be what I thought you would want
And I only ended up breaking your heart

I tried to fit into your myth
You needed someone to live it out with
But I’m not a damsel, and you’re not a hero
And dear, I don’t need you to be
But you can’t see anything but your myth
And now you’ve got nobody to share it with

You’re across the sea
And now your only vision of me
Is through a memory

When you think of the past
Remember me as I really am

Not what you thought
Thought that you wanted
That was something I’m not
So promisе me you won’t ever—
Try to bе something you’re not
Darling it’s time we mended our hearts
Somebody will love you just as you are
When the stars are aligned
You’ve got a lot of time
To figure out what you want
So you never need to be something you’re not

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