Jared Saltiel – Away With Words
Genre Pop

Away With Words

She’s got a way with words
A way with words that I just can’t resist
Every time I see that she has written me
I feel a foolish bliss

So it goes, even though I know
I might read a story but it’s not the one she wrote

When I run away with words, away with words
I hope that she’s impressed
But when they fly away like birds, away like birds
I know I should have said less

But it’s too late, so I wait and I wait
I wanna write the story, but it’s always up to fate

When I write her, I can’t read her
I don’t really know who’s there
But every writer needs a reader
And I keep chasing my own tail
If my subject is an object
I won’t tell the story fair
On this subject, she might object
To the telling of the tale

I’ve gotten away with words
Away with words I wish I’d never said
But I wonder if she even heard the meaning
Or something else instead
Now I try to weigh my words
And pour them on the page inside my head
But I don’t dare take her at her word
That he and her are practically wed
So it goes, even though
I don’t know her at all
I wanna read the story
But not the one I wrote
So I keep turning pages
To see which way it goes
Maybe all these turns of phrases
Are really twists of fate
But these words don’t mean a thing
Until I say them to her face

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