James Simmons IV – Daydreamin
Genre Pop


Daydreamin lyrics


When I'm daydreaming, your daydreaming
Holding my hands in the clouds
Looking down and wondering where we are

Daydreaming mutually
I know that we both love hard
But how did we get this far

Miss. Heavenly Being, I'm glad I got to you
Been craving your conversation to tell you the truth
Thank you for meeting me once again my good ol' friend
What could have activated
Our mental to bring us to spiritual places
Together like astral projections
My only way to run away with you

As were daydreaming
I'm seeing you right as you are
But I see you rule all my stars

As we spend these moments alone
A whole universe to ourselves
Please, lets just take our time and cherish it

More than a spiritual love [Love
A highly spiritual love [Love
More than a spiritual love [Love
A highly spiritual love [Love]

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