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September 18, 2023

Lean on You lyrics

You put food on my table
I know that you're able
I know I can lean on you

Verse 1
A water bearer
Pouring light like Cordovero
Spraying chaos in the dark till it squared up
Can it get any clearer?
The world's kinda m/Messi right now
Cut the shit out
That's the goal - Shearer
Man there's laws in the land
I'm a master that body black Adam Kadman

Who's blinging them stars?
Spark electrons and bring in that charge
Who's in charge?
Who's broader than stars on a broadway walk? (who's broader?)
Who's broader than broad?
And don't need to puff chest to larger than large?
My hand hold chalk
Them a get black board/bar'd

We ju' a bun' dem raw
Move we no no diesel car (ooh)
We keep up in dem clarks
Sit in the thrown and park (true)
Inner top tip
Them dropping Jah/jar

Lean on You (rude!)

Verse 2
This is more than money but we celebrate that
I'm a renegade black
No fraud, no copy, original don
Can't denigrate that
We shining sunny
And kiss their ego with a Liston smack

Who's bigger than stars on a broadway walk?
Who's bigger than those who warn larger than large?
Who's bigger than your mind made collage, mirage and accolades, pay status and awards?
Who's bigger than?
Who's bigger than broad?
Who's broader?
Who's broader than large?
Who's larger?
Tell me, who's larger than stars?
Who's bigger than you?
Who's bigger than Jah?
Tell me

You put food on my table
I know that you're able
I know I can lean on you

Verse 3
A who we lean on?
Bang chest like say we King Kong
That’s something in my heart
Split the atom and I walk like my palms hold napalm
Blazing son all day
Stop your talk, we don’t need no shade
How we do?
Just stepping our way
While we haile Yahweh and the All all day

When you know your way
Put juice pon bass
This is big BIG and Faith
More juice pon bass

The finer talk made lines of art
That made them marks that made collage
The lions claw came out the paws
They bark but backing back fast (laughing)

One question to ask in parts
While we laughing hard
Who’s bigger than broad?

Who’s bigger than?
Who’s bigger than broad?
Who’s broader?
Who’s broader than large?
Who’s larger?
Who’s larger than stars?
Who’s bigger than you?
Who’s bigger than Jah?

(Lean on You)

Jahson The Scientist – Lean on You

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