Genre Rap



A pimp gon' pimp with his eyes closed
Hands tied behind his back
Mouth shut, underwater, wearing cement shoes
With no sucker repellent or a map
Yeah, ayy, yeah, ayy, ayy, yeah, uh, look


bitch, make room for the North
They killed my brother 2010, I still remorse
Stuck in-between breaking a cycle and becoming a curse
Bitch I done seen so many thousands that these prayers do work
I used to work a check-to-check now I got leverage 'cause the blue check
This right she gon' lick it with a handful
Got a handful of problems but I just pass it on to God
I just left the South, my mama stressed, she need a decent job
Jumpin' out of SUV's with Chubbs, Aubrey and Big Juice
Motorcade with rich niggas, you wouldn't believe without the proof
I threw the pic up on the 'Gram now all the bitches cuttin' loose
When you left me hangin' like a noose but bitch I stuck to my roots like I'm Kunta, uh
Ayy, chop my ankle if I stop, ho
I put a billboard in my hood they say Jah' own
These last minute flights be fuckin' up my time zone
I told yo bitch ride my face 'cause my mind gone
Diamond cut grill just to celebrate a bit
A million streams in about a week, I mean I'm sorta kinda legit
Threw the corpse inside the trunk, saran wrap it like a prick
Chuck the body in the ditch like lil' bro didn't even exist, uh
You ho niggas politicin', what's the program?
If I can't beat, bitch, don't add me to your close friends
I'm closed out, in album mode, they watch me slow dance
stank I started smokin' [Ah-ha
Trill, grippin' the wheel like I'm Pimp C, bitch miss me
With all that bullshit that you talkin', is you tipsy?
RIP X, blocked the number of my ex
Tryna stay righteous, I'm at war with my flesh, uh
And I'ma float like a Goodyear blimp
When I slide, I'ma slide, I'm out the mud with the shit
Dodgin' banana peels, you Diddy Kong, clumsy as shit
Like I'm Ramadan we don't fuck with the pigs, nigga

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