Jack Adamant – You First
Genre Rock

You First

If I only had the chance, I’d like the both of us
To see how it is far from the dark
Remember this won’t be forever
Everything would feel like a dream

We’re part of something that means a lot more
Just for who decides to care

Welcome back, now you can let your eyes
Rest before seeing the light
Wish I could find what there’s behind
These thoughts we kept so tight
Unveil the curtain and walk like only you can do
Here’s the sole morning left to be saved

Does it feel better now? You don’t need to say anything
To relieve this time, it hurts you no more
Why don’t you understand that we are the reason
The very real explanation in the end?
Wish I could be there

Where’s the knob that moderates the pain?
Where does it start the circle of life?

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