Jack Adamant – Brush Your Teeth With A Smile
Genre Rock

Brush Your Teeth With A Smile

Brush your teeth with a smile, it doesn’t mean much to me
You say things that make me insecure about my life
About the fuck you are!

My brain hurts, I’ve got too many thoughts to break apart
A bottle was shattered over the place
When you were screaming nonsense
With the knuckles not far from my mouth

You broke another mirror, you’re clearly going out of your mind
But this is something that I like, which makes the both of us fucked
Splatters of pride merged in a pile of shit
The slightly sеnse of humiliation overwhelms mе
And I cannot find a way to end this
Whatever surrounds me is what remains from our wreckage
Tiny pieces floating nowhere, too light to go down
Overly small to be found

A perfect picture of my head right now

Brush your teeth with a smile, you said it twice today
Someone is standing outside these walls
We don’t know who it is or what we have done

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