Jack Adamant – Astray
Genre Rock


Sorry darling if I sneaked away
Without putting the kettle on
It’s getting colder outside
And our little box is struggling with the heat
Believe it or not I put the jumper on
Even though it makes me itchy

Like every Wednesday by the time
I’ll be home you’d probably be out
Expecting me to follow your simple rules:
Rubbish out, food shopping, roast some veggies
Check the post, stay awake and smile
I left a cinnamon bun in the cupboard
On the second shelf in between packs of tomatoes
After eating one I felt sick, I’m not sure
That cardamom agrees with me anymore

I bought you a Christmas card
But I didn’t quite make it to bus
The card got soaked and so did I
The paint came off on the left side
The rest is still intact, I hope you like it
I hope you like it, I hope you do

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