Jabee, Conductor Williams, Boldy James – Indulgence
Genre Rap



[Conductor, Conductor, Conductor
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1Jabee

I take the good with the bad and let the pot mix
I know I should want the bag 'cause that's a profit
I know the ledge in my pocket, that's an option
So prophetic, the prophecy, so kinetic
So connected it's a blessin'
Every second's a lesson, I progress ever second
If it's weapon or regression, that's impressive
Feelin' less with every message
I confess my obsession is these hoеs and possessions
Money over digrеssion
A twenty over oppression
A boujee ho in my section
Plenty of 'em in heaven and in hell too
A man is what he's hides and not the shit he tells you
Hear the day gone tomorrow tryna borrow time
I put my heart in my soul and that's how I lost my mind [Lost my mind]

Verse 2Boldy James

I bleed 'em bricks for scratch
I got to get 'em scribbles
I need ever red cent
Every cotton pickin' nickel
Made a pretty penny
And 'em pills quick flipin'

Willin' and dealin', this ain't a ball of honeycomb

Triple go, 144
Triple go, 144

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