J. M. Smig – Ode To J
Genre Pop

Ode To J

It's been a year
Since we lost you
Some would argue longer
Since the day
You handed the keys
To the just man and the wolf
Who would proclaim you
Guile in name
As well as in deed

I waited thirty years
For the door to open
To see the legend
And hear the magic
Without dissipation
Or disappointment

I would hold a feast
In your honor
On Monkey Island
And the Big M
Should lead the toast

Farewell, John
I don't know
How they found you;
Maybe armed
With a bottle
Of rage or sadness
But I hope you found
Warmth and heaven
Amidst the ghosts
Of Chicago
The Kings and heroes
Of your youth
As you were a hero to me

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