ItsUnknownMF – Pedro vs GOD
Genre Gospel, Hip Hop, Rap

Pedro vs GOD


God, I hope you can forgive me


God where the fuck you at nigga?
I sent a ton of prayers, Get the feeling you don't care
Like are you really there?
Or am I fucking talking to the air
I wanna make it with these fucking rap nigga
I'm running low on patinece
Bouta sell my soul to Satan
Flow is too amazing, not to have Unknown on stages
And I know I'll be the greatest, be the one these hoes chasing
I'm a have you motherfuckas mad nigga
Is it cause I'm back sliding and rap vicious
That you don't wanna see me stack millions
And smash bitches
I want plaques nigga, I wanna give my mom racks nigga
Is that so much to ask nigga?
Nonе of my prayers have been reciеved God
It's getting hard to believe God
If I ever fucking see God, I'm a punch the motherfucka
Cause why the fuck you had to go and leave God?

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