Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko – Israel Something
Genre Pop

Israel Something

Israel Something
Yiddish epes
Arabisch epes
Hebräisch un Russisch epes
Ladino un Englisch epes!
Esperanto noch an epes
Epes, epes, epes

Israel something
Palestine something
Theodor Herzl something!
Yitzhak Rabin something! [Someone?
Hamas and Fatah, Hezboll-ah
Something, something, something!

Torah something
Talmud something
Quran and Bible something!
The Wailing Wall is something!
If they build a new Third Temple
Something, something, something!

Mohammad someone
Meshiach someone
Barack Obama someone!
Netanyahu someone!
Arafat and Ariel Sharon
Na na nakh man, someone!
Jesus Christ and Allen Ginsberg
Na na nakh man, something...

Holocaust something, Auschwitz something
Deir Yassin is something!
Sabra and Chatila is something!
Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yad Vashem
Nakh bar, nakh bar, something;
Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yad Vashem
Nakh bar, nakh bar, something


The boycott is something, the birthright is something
The IDF is something!
The PLO is something!
Gilad Shalit, Rachel Corrie
Someone, someone, someone
Gilad Shalit, Rachel Corrie
Both of them are someone

Cynicism is a very important part of the discourse;
Right now when I talk to people in this country
When I ask them what they think about the politics
They say that everything is gonna end, which is exactly what the Evangelicals want to happen
Apocalypse something
Irony something;
Stupid songs that try to make it better
Something, something, something

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