IRON GOLEM -- Fe4 + Pu / BRUV MOMENT IV – Gang Shloink
Genre Rap



Play Minecraft cross - console edition
Sent my boys on a muhfucking mission
4 iron and a pumpkin block
Then you know any mob it's gon’ knock
This is another bruv moment in the series
“Oh I think Gang Shloink will release another”
Shut the fuck up with your bloody theories
For all you know we might not even bother

Verse [0:35 - 1:01
I-, have-, stage 3-, aids
Don’t test the gang, you know we retarded
Don’t touch em’ lips, you know they well guarded

I don’t speak plantpot, but you know Lil Bruh does
Yeah I speak bike, well why just cuz

GS heat, where’s the applause?
Tell us bravo, keep that johnny

Let the beat ride yeah

Don’t be snide yeah, I know you got snaids yeah
Wanna go outside, brain low got brain aids

GS international, just like the UN
Don’t be irrational, my IQ max 10

Diff-e-rent songs, idiomas di-feren-tes
It all sounds gang, this shit a mess

This-, Is-, Bruv Moment-, Part IV
Chlamydia in the brain, annoying like a bee
Dark like Wayne, still no negativity

My IQ has scoliosis
GS got you in hypnosis
Sesh make you cough
Like tuberculosis
Intellect divided by 2
Like mitosis

Corona got me playing Minecraft all day
Go to the beach with mask like war d-day
Look at me retarded Romell and Jay
Calling me special like my name Qusay

I’m dumb and I’m proud hear me roar
A bit like a lion or retardosaur
Art horny all round like wild boar
Passive aggressive like cold war

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