IPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4 – The infinite source
Genre Rap

IPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

Verse 1Galaxy S4

Look, I'm the Galaxy, son
That means i'm universal
I already come equipped
This ain't no dress rehearsal
Every port placement's key
I got all the necessities
While every new version
You need some new accessories
Don't even need fingers
To handle all my business
The wave of a hand
Gets you right to my hit list
Can't count all the ways
That I'm better than you
So let's start with Air Gesture
Followed by my Air View

Verse 2iPhone 5

You really want to pull out
The cards and make a play?
Well, I see you
And raise you a Retina Display
And please don't boast about
Those awful hand gestures
Unless you wave a white flag
Like all your predecessors
Been hitting the cyber gym
I slimmed down as a whole
But pack an A6 punch
Just check my Camera Roll
I'm tall, dark, and handsome
Standing out from the crowd
I hope you're ready for a storm
'Cuz I brought the iCloud

Verse 3Galaxy S4

1.9 GHZ at my core
So not only am I faster
But I also do more
Ahead of the pack
A simple fact you can't avoid
And my long list of features
Has the people screaming
You weren't invited to the party
Though you hear us rocking hiFi
Bump and Grind and Group play
And we don't need no WiFi
Your battery is weak
I hear ya still got glitches
And a little phone envy
'Cuz my screen's five inches

Verse 4iPhone 5

The Apple doesn't fall
Too far from the tree
Remember when the 4S
Beat the GS3?
Sure, I've got a new port
A lightning creation
Pull out an app for taking notes
It's called "innovation"
Got a bad bitch on the iOS6
Just ask her for yourself
"Siri is the shit"
I can last for 8 hours on LTE
So I'm not one gangster
I'm like 4G

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