Nuclear Mornings lyrics


No State of Grace

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February 15, 2011

Nuclear Mornings lyrics

And that's the reason why I hate you so much
And I hope you hate me too

Another look through the window
Another view of the burning horizon
It's coming back again and again
Delicious cocktail of sorrow and joy

No tomorrow!

And again... I greet the nuclear morning
And again... I see the holy light of salvation
And again... "at last", I say to myself
And again... I close my eyes and take a deep breathe

Eternity turned into seconds in the infinity of thoughts
Greatest joy revealed in the twisted dance of feelings
Blood-red kaleidoscope of dark visions and dreams
A liberating stirring of salvation

This is how I wish to wake up every day
To watch the last wave coming
To cherish the last seconds of existence
And admire the unfolding nothingness

Another view of the burning horizon
Another nuclear morning
It's coming back again and again
May my dream come true, may the dawn bring the end

Iperyt – Nuclear Mornings

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