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December 12, 2020

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Speak Life lyrics

They say there’s power in the tongue
If that’s true, I wanna take this time
To speak life into you

Ima help you overcome
What you going through
You not in this alone
I was sent to put you on

I wanna show you how good life is
All you really need is some guidance
The ones close to you may not like it
Thats cool, cuz pretty soon
Them fools gone see
That you were a diamond

First of all I wanna give praises to The Most High
For giving me the strength to make changes in my life
Cuz without me going through what I went through
How could I even havе the wisdom to give you or lead by

An еxample- so let me be yo coach
You gone need some advice
When you get thrown against the ropes
Ima keep you on yo toes
I don’t know if you know
But there are unseen forces
Battling over yo soul
Who wins? well, that depends
On the choices that you make
My advice to you is choose life
Each and everyday
That’s easy for me to say
When that’s definitely not the case
It's tough when you got so much
Temptation thrown in your face

Ok let's say if you fall by giving in
Would you beat yo self up about it
Or get up and try again
Don’t allow sin to be a burden
Accept it and learn from it
Move on and keep on workin
Ya dig

Ima Essene
I do things a lil different
I be at peace cuz I stay in the spirit
Ima blessing to all those who dwell with me
I’m not flexing when I say my life’s litty
Love is what my foundation is built on
Everybody I connect with the vibe be so strong
I’m vegan so I got love for the animals too
They are my brothers and sisters
I do not look at ‘em as food
Bcuz I’m pro-life
I serve the god of the living
That be the Most High
Anybody who don’t like me
They’ll be alright
They can keep that negativity on that side

Got too much love in my heart
Grab a hold of my hand l
Lemme pull you out the dark
Ima light and as a light
I’m just here to do my job
Know this journey is a fight
Be prepared to go to war

Inyarachaa – Speak Life

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