Intuitive Compass – Lone Rider
Genre Country

Lone Rider

Lone rider, lone rider you got death on your mind
There is darkness up ahead and fire behind
Lone rider, lone rider you are the last of your kind
There is a long ways to go but there isn't much time
And I remember the days when your problems were mine

Way out in Wyoming where the wild folk dwell
Your sorrow does show and your face looks like hell
Your saddle is dried up, your horses gonе lame
Your skin it is torn and your teeth they are stainеd
You spent too many years in the wind and the rain
Now your ears they don't hear and your head pounds with pain
It's been a long hard road and a short life of fame

Through the dark forest your shadow does glide
And your soul it burns red in the shade of a pine
You got a mind full of secrets and a chest full of pride
I remember the days when your troubles were mine
I remember the days when your sorrow was mine

Lone rider, lone rider your secrets I know
And I see past the horse shit that you put on for show
At the end of the trail there is no place to go
And your soul has been buried in six feet of snow
Your will has been buried in six feet of snow
Lone rider, lone rider you got fear in your eyes
And the thought of soon dying has got you crying
Your loved ones and family, you've cheated and lied
Now your heart starts a racing, and you pant and you sigh
You dream of cool water for your lips, cracked and dry
You cry like a hound at the cold winter sky
And then you look all around and you prepare to die

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