Introduction – Ghostface Krillen
Genre Pop



Bad things happening...

Verse 1

Bad things, realize the sleeping eye can dream
Open your mind through the portal, where it's happening
See the beauty through the nature, photographing
You ain't see what I see, because I'm mapping
I can think about a million ending tragedies
Gotta' eat what you kill, back to traveling
But, what hit too close to home, was trappin'
Cross your demise like picking up a napkin
He greedy for your soul, he a bad man
Reap what you sowed, or get trapped in
That's a nail in your coffin, sought out your thoughts when
You cannot walk, your foundation collapsing
Find where I'm wrong in
I'ma keep morphing, while being discredit from clearing distortion
Waking the massеs, that shit is hard
When the media got your mind alrеady tapped in

Verse 2

Supposedly, human nature exist where we grow the trees
Talking money, but the pawns can't notice me
Life is a game when you think it accordingly
Can't offer trust, that ain't moving accordantly
Keep it a buck, got my eyes on what's important to me
Gripped up, I'm riding and sliding in a foreign V
Can't trust no bitch 'cause they charging like groceries
Look at the story of what happened to Eve
I'm killing the snakes 'cause they don't really leave
They back in your way with nothing to say
True colors show like a grip to your face
You want them to burn & you want them to ache
Keep shit so cold, when you're falling for hate
'til it squeeze the life out you, with a rope around your waste
By that time, get your state of mind in better place
You gonna have to come kill me
Because no intimidation from ya'll slithering, petty shit
My mouth, just keep it going
I walk on this earth with
No fear in my heart, ya'll just envy it
Watch me go through evolution, my bars are acoustic
Guitars, like I do this, I need me a new whip
The old road ain't taking, my pride is alive
But ain't call me a cupid, I fuck with my new bitch
Psychedelically murdering like killer bee
None of these MC's can do what can be
The way how they flow sound like their bars be lagging
& that is a fact, man, quick scope, no camping
I'm vigilante batman, I'll smack you with my backhand
& throw you into a trashcan, along with your yes-men
'cause i am the best man, to do what you call rapping
& for your information that is fucking facts, man


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