Intro (From the Bottom to the Top) – Plies
Genre Rap

Intro (From the Bottom to the Top)


Ay, Drama
This your motherfucking homie, Plies, dog
The media and everybody in the motherfucking industry talking about me right now, big homie
Drama found me, nigga
So that means they have to motherfucking pay for this here, homie
Ay, Drama, let me talk to these pussy ass niggas real quick
And I need all the real niggas to excuse me for a minute, dog


Name all in the streets, face all over the news
I'm laughing at all you fuck niggas who thought I was through
I don't know if you pussies understand what money can do
I raise my right hand to da streets and swear to tell the truth
If I ever go commercial, want the streets to cut me loose
They say I don't look worried, that's what I pay lawyers to do
Newspapers say I'm heartless, cracker, it might be true
I don't think you understand what the fuck I've been through
Done had bigger problems than this in one swoop
Them niggas that hate me now loved me before I blew
Fuck niggas want me off the streets, real niggas want me in the booth
Projected to sell a mill, situation done grew
Done upped the stakes on you pussies, I'ma sell two
To all the goons around the world, nigga, I salute
The first rap nigga to ever do a prison tour
I'm a hood legend, nigga, I shake more hands than the preacher
Niggas in prison love me, I'm the only one can reach them
You wanna know who running the streets? Nigga, ask the promoters
Them niggas that book you, they crying when your show is over
Them niggas that book me, gon' buy them a whip when it's over
You can't go and copy me, nigga, it's just too hard
Just like trying to tell my grandma it ain't a God
I run these motherfucking streets, nigga, I'm in charge
And one of these niggas play with me, you better bless them, Lord
Never seen one business filled with so many pussies
Where niggas sit around all day and gossip like some bitches
You don't even know that man, but you ain't even in his position
A diss record mean he only begging for attention
He's just a fuck nigga, he don't know no better, God, forgive him
So if you love him, you better calm him down before I kill him
'Cause I don't sell lies and I don't drink Cris
And I don't free promote, so cut the check, bitch
I credit my success to the fuck niggas who snitched on my brother
If it wasn't for you soft ass niggas, I wouldn't be rapping, motherfucker
They say that shit that don't kill you in this world will make you tougher
We took a Federal situation and created a monster
You ever been at one of my shows? It's like choir rehearsal
Two-thousand motherfucking real niggas reciting my verses
All in one room, nigga, I'm having thug service
I look at this shit like a pastor, you look at it like I'm working

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