International Squad – No Racks
Genre Meme Rap, Rap

No Racks

IntroAnton & *Ayush*

Ok, Ayush horny on the mic
*I am*

Verse 1Anton & *Ayush*

Money in my bank account *[woah]*
Tesla's going way too down *[Aye]*
Oh no I'm losing so much money *[No more]*
I'm fucked, I'm fucked, I'm fucked *[uh, Pussy]*
Tesla why are you falling me? *[woah]*
I'm losing so much money *[Aye, Woah]*
Come on Elon Musk *[Alex]*
Can you just like, put the stock back? *[Woah, Woah]*


Oh my god I lost so much money [Pussy
Tesla why?

Verse 2Ayush

Tesla why you gotta do me like that? [Woah
Tesla why you gotta take all of my money? [Aye
I don't have any money I'm in the red [Alex
I don't have food so in two weeks I'mma be dead [Aye
Someone's knocking at my door, I don't know who it is [Money
Really, who is it?
Thе Bank is at my door [Woah
There trying to take my housе away [Aye
My wife left cause we have no more money [No More
And she took the dog too [Not the dog
I don't even know what to do [Woah, Woah
I don't have a toilet so I can't poo [Uh
The bank took that away from me [Money
Fuck, I can't even pee [Pussy]

BridgeAnton & *Ayush*

*There not gonna here it*
Ok ok

Verse 3Anton & *Ayush*

Open my robin hood account *[Woah, Aye]*
That shits down by 20% *[Woah, Woah]*
Oh no I'm fucked, no more car for me *[No more]*
Gonna buy a shit box like Alex Adam mobile *[Aye, Woah]*
Fuck that was off beat *[Aye, Alex]*
Next I check my Tesla options *[Pussy, Uh]*
Instead of going to 500 shit went down to 500 *[Woah, Pussy]*


Please, I-, I just want money
I lost it all in Tesla
And if you guys can please spare
Like a couple cents, or like $10,000
I would really appreciate it
Please, I just want money
I am-
I have no money left

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