Internal Suffering – Transfiguration of the Devotee (Reborn Within the Womb of Babylon)
Genre Rock

Transfiguration of the Devotee (Reborn Within the Womb of Babylon)

Superior spiritual integrity, finally achieved!
Projection of our perfected Self, unique spiritual Being!
Evolving to comprehend its nature
Triggering emotional responses: amplified to achieve union!

The heh final and the vav!
Tetragrammaton unified!

Transformed into a higher spiritual Being
Capable of mastering the unbalanced forces of the lower worlds
Chosen to attain personal spiritual guidance...
By the only reliable source in the universe... Myself!

Perpetual hunger to comprehend the Being nature
I call forth the Four Great Princes of Evil... Compel their obedience!
Swear the obedience of all the infernal realms
Ally to the new Spiritual union!
I’ve become truly aware of my own true will...
Higher Self, Daimon, Atman, Lamblichus!

All spirits subject unto me!
I invoke thee, Terrible and Invisible God
Who dwells in the Void Place of the Spirit
Empower me to cross the Abyss and attain... Supreme Knowledge!

Suffusing my soul with sublimity
Spiritual possession overwhelms my soul!

Tiphareth! Grant me the Knowledge to cross the Abyss!
Led into the Void
Oh! Crossing the bottomless Abyss!
Reborn within the womb of Babalon
Became a Magus! The Great Work has been accomplished!

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